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Fee Schedule
For Defined Benefit Plan
Direct Client Tiered Defined Benefit Plan
Startup Fees
Plan Document$1,250
Special calculations to determine the appropriate formula will incur additional fees*
Submission of plan document to the IRS, if needed$1,000
IRS filing fee (payable to the IRS), if submitted$1,000
Plans that are subject to PBGC (discussed below) will also incur related fees and premiums for the initial Plan Year
Takeover fee, if applicable (subject to review of specific case)$600
Annual Fees
Basic Annual Services: Valuation, annual DOL/IRS reports including Schedule B, and individual Participant Benefit Statements$1,250
plus per-participant charge:$50
Any changes to the plan, such as changes to the Benefit Formula, funding method, or assumptions, etc., whether required by the government or the client, will incur additional fees*
Tardy fee (Special Rush Processing fee) applies if complete and correct data is not provided by deadline for filing extension (7 months after end of Plan Year). In addition, this fee increases by $150 for each additional month late.$300
Non-concurrent Fiscal Year fee applies if the Plan Year is different from employer's Fiscal Year$300
Short Plan Year fee, applies in addition to standard fees$300
Non-Discrimination Testing$500
PBGC Premium Forms, if required (Alternative Calculation Method) $300
PBGC per-participant Premiums (payable to the PBGC) (Note: Variable Rate Premium may also apply)$57
FAS 87/132 valuation and report, if required $1,200
Individual Benefit Certifications for terminated employees$250
Plan Termination Fees
Required Plan Termination documents$1,000
plus per-participant charge:$50
Submission to the IRS, if needed$1,000
IRS filing fee (payable to the IRS), if submitted$1,000
Submission to the PBGC, if required$750
* Other Services
Non-routine services are billed at an hourly rate:$150-$250
A Late Charge (at the annual rate of 12% simple interest) will be added at the first of each month on all amounts that are more than 30 days past due.

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