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Technical Printing Notes

  • In Firefox, if the width of your page layout exceeds your margin width of your page margins, Firefox may automatically squeeze the size of the output to fit the margins. This will reduce the line height of the printed output.
    Example: If margins are 1" and blank lines are set at 8" long, your page layout of 8" exceeds you margin width of 6.5" (8.5" paper width - 1" left margin - 1" right margin). Firefox will shrink the output to about 76% of the specified size.
  • Color of manuscript rules may require experimentation for any given browser/printer combination.
    Example: For some black-and-white printers, light blue works well in IE6, while dark blue works well in Firefox.
  • To change your page margins, click File - Page Setup (and in Firefox, click the Margins & Header/Footer tab), then make your adjustments.
  • Both IE6 and Firefox have a Print Preview mode: click File - Print Preview.
  • To printing in Landscape mode, click File - Page Setup and choose Landscape.

In addition, as with the rest of the FamilyPhonics.com site:

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