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Uneven ground ahead!

Construction Note Dear parent: this section needs thorough revision. It is currently only a sketch of what is to come at a later date. (Currently, the priority is to get word family sections up and running.) For now, Hey! I'm Reading by Betty Miles would be a good resource for introducing a child to reading.

When we talk to each other we talk with words. /Ant/ is a word and /book/ is a word and /Joel/ is a word.

can go into nouns, verbs,

and other words like /the/ and /and/

show how these go together to say things.

So we say things and do things with words.

Words are important. In the Bible, Jesus is called “the Word of God” because he is God’s message to us. He is also “the Word of life”

relate words with the white spaces around them.

tie together with letters at this point, then tie back letters with the sounds later


go through the history of writing

When the child is ready to begin reading, proceed to the Word Family lessons.

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