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-an Family
Now we are going to look at a new word family.  All these words end in:


  • What are the two letters that make up this family name? ('a', 'n')
  • It's another family with a short-a (that is, /ă/) vowel. 
  • Let's sound out this family name:
    • Sound out each letter. (/ă/, /n/)
    • Now blend them together to form the family name. (/ăn/)
    • Look at the letters and practice it again!
  • You have just blended the name of the -an word family.

Each time you see the family name letters 'a, n', try to blend them together to form n/. We want to say /ăn/ every time, like you just did!

Now let's sound out a few words in this family.

c  an

Now practice blending the first letter with the family name. (/căn/)


Let's read another word!

f an


Now we're ready to read some more words!

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