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Sight Words
We need a few more sight words that aren't part of the -an family.

  • Recognize them by sight for now, without sounding the words out.
  • These are some words we use all the time.
  • We'll learn their families later!
  • Sight words will be printed in gray at first when they are used.

The first new sight word is almost a member of the -an family.  It has an added 'd' at the end:


This is pronounced /ănd/, and we use it all the time to put things together like "you and me" or like "dogs and cats."

The next word is used with all sorts of words:


We use it in "the can" or "the pan."

Make sure you see the difference between this word and a similar word we had in the last lesson:


Can you point out the difference?  You have to watch the letters so you know which word you are reading!

The next word 'to' tells you where something is going:


Like, "I'm going to the store."

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