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Unit 1 Word Families


  Word Families Special Features - Story
1 -at Family word families, a/is/on
2 -an Family capitalization, and/the/to
3 -it Family Daniel and the Lions, not/with/in/did/ball
4 -ag -ig -ab yes/no/of
5 -ap -ip -ack silent k, w, g; homonyms; -s, -’s; quotes
6 -ad -am -im -as -is Samson and the Lion
7 -ax -ix -ox On Noah’s Ship
8 -ib -ob -ot -o //
8 -id -od -op -ing
9 -ick -ock -og off, of; -y
10 -in -on -om -le Proverbs on Wisdom
11 -ing -ang -ong
12 ‘short-vowel-loud-consonant’ families:-ive -ave -ove -one -ome -el
13 -iss -izz -iff -ass -azz -aff -oss -off -es after ‘s-sounds’
14 -ink -ank -onk -le+ing -le+y
15 -ish -ith -ash -ath -osh -oth -’s after ‘s-sounds’
16 -er -or -ar -ard -est
17 -et -en -en as an ending; -ther
18 -un -ut -ud -uss un-; -ly
19 /lə/-blends: pl- bl- cl- gl- fl- sl- David and Goliath
20 /rə/-blends: pr- br- cr- gr- tr- dr- fr- thr- shr-
/wə/-blends: tw- dw- thw- sw-

21 -ess -ōw -ess -less -ness -ōw endings
22 /s/-blends: sm- sn- sp- st- sk- squ- spl- spr- scr- str- Peter and John at the Tomb
23 -ill -ell -ed The Woman at the Well
  open sylables: CV -a -i -o -e
  -ed -eg -eck -ug -uck
-eb -ep -ub -up
-ex -ux -em -um -ung -unk
-esh -ez -ef -eth -ush -uzz -uff -uth -ev
ea as /ĕ/
-and -ant -amp -alk -alm -apt -act
-asp -ast -ask -aft

  ea as /ĕ/ ‘short-vowel-loud-consonant’

  -y -ily; y-->i: -ies and other endings

  two syllable: C.CVC -al -ol -ul? -ful
  -itch -atch -otch -et
  -ay -ey -oy ?ai, oi?
  -idge -adge -odge -ance -ince -once g and c as /j/ and /s/ before e/i/y
  -all -alt
  -oll Proverbs on Folly
Who is Biggest in the Kingdom
  -ull -ul? -ful
  prefixes: a- de- re- dis- en-
  wa- qua- wha- (war-) wor- a as /ŏ/
  -ar -or include coda blends
  -er -ur -ir (-ar) The Widow’s Offering

  -oo two


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